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Walk With Me

I’ll take you places you’ve never been

I’ll be waiting and I won’t settle

We’ll see the walls come down and we’ll breathe in


And for a second there we’ll slow it down

We’ll bring along beauty

And we’ll seek the burning breeze ahead of us


Will you walk with me

will you walk with me 


You won’t imagine we’ve been there before

I’ll tell you were we’ll go     


We’ve found the golden window here

the one where colours show

We’re running on the edge of things

No one can catch up now


There’s nothing else we need to feel



We’ll hear the sound of cracking ice

we’ll jump on to the ground

And race it all the way til we’re leading


Remember what you hear, and keep it 
In the shade 
You wish you could see you dreams 
Through the crowd 

You feel you’ve consumed your reason 
To be 
See, your equal need for tenderness, makes 
You the same 

You’re standing side by side 
On the edge of the roof 
The shapes of your shadows 
Will meet on the ground 

The time it would take for a stone 
To dissolve 
Wouldn’t be the case for you 
should you try 

You’re standing side by side 
On the edge of the roof 
The shapes of your shadows 
Will meet on the ground

Bridge Melancholia

This will be the moment when I’m gone 
A minute of truth 
This will be the moment when I share 
My numerous fears 

This will be the tipping edge 
Where your candle will melt 
This will be the end of your world 
I’ll keep your sea bird 

This will be your genuine nightfall 
I will be sincere 
This will be when your heart drops 
I’ll keep the pieces 

This would be where I shed a tear 
For a long lost love 
This would be where you tell me to back 
To a flavory life 

This will be when I tell you to go build 
A wooden castle 
This will be when you come for me again 
I will not listen 

This will be when we finally part 
I won’t turn back 
This will be your moment of truth 
I’ll keep your secret

Guin Katché

Free, go your’e free 
I told you to be true 
Talk to your past 
Reveal all your secrets 

Embrace all your fears 
Combine all your feelings 
These are for you 
Boil them to something good 

Passing that place 
Reminding you of 
The superficial 
Boiling water 

Grab all your things 
And move them away 
You don’t want to stay 
This is your new you 

Limit your hunger 
Displace it 
Let go of your thoughts 
And walk over them 

Let your choices transform 
The course of your path 
Keep the speed to freedom 
Embrace it 

Replace all your thirst 
And dance it away 
Control your desires 
And keep it that way 

Stay on the surface 
You’ve swum from those voices 
Don’t think of your reds 
You’re right where you want to be

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